Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here's an airship I designed for an independent
study last semester. The colors look screwy on the web, it turns out.


delatorre said...

tight, looks really good Lizzie.

Gray Rogers said...

Nice job Lizzie!

Zachary said...

I like the little tinge of blue: it really sells it.

scoro said...

Generally nice style to it.
Couple of points, I'm confused by the magical light that is shining on the 3 main balloons casting a shadow to the ground that does not also put your gondola in shadow? Drop the gondola in shadow to really sell that the balloons are above it. I would also go for a softer shadow. The shadow being separate from just the gondola is strange. It those shadows are still on their own layer, just blur them. Detailing is nice. Your ropes on the far side lower and near side are in shadow and should be dark. Tone down, make more transparent, the propeller squiggles.
Good start.