Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alfonso de la Torre


Gray Rogers said...

That suit came out great, really like the plane too.

Zachary said...

Excellent work.

scoro said...

Gray, Arron and Zach and the rest of the class, add some constructive comments please, if you are going comment at all.

The plane, general form reads fine. The weird glow around the plane doesn't help it "be" in the environment. Was this a motion blur on the bottom layer? If you were trying to add a little blur, ok to do this on a copy of the plane layer, just erase the leading edge of the blurred layer so it only adds blur to the trailing edges of your plane and not an overall glow effect. BG needs a complete rework, the value structure doesn't help support the focal point or the overall silhouette of your plane. Squint your eyes at it and if you loose your plane against it, rework it. Reflected light might be a touch too strong. Red color is pretty faded, seems old, if this is the case, then maybe add some more weathering to it, i.e. scratches, peeling paint etc. Craftsmanship is nice.

scoro said...

The dude.
General craft is nice again.
He seems a bit flat to me. Try to darken the edges all the way around to sell the front lighting set-up. Increase strength of cast shadow on chest from chin to get his head/chin to pop forward a bit. BG might need to be a bit darker at the top. Overall, not a bad start, should be fun to add reflections to this guy in a couple of weeks. Also extend your canvas a bit to the top, your gun is crowding the frame.