Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arron's HW - Week 7



Gray Rogers said...

Man, when these things get some of those gooey specular highlights (especially on the top one) these are really going to look scary.

Zachary said...

Excellent work, as always.

scoro said...

Sexy lady.
Looking good so far.
A few things to consider.
Light appears much stronger on the lower part of the wing/arm thing that I would expect. Maybe try to darken the wing/arm overall from bottom to top to keep out focus at the top of the image. The BG at the bottom has too much local color variation and is pulling our interest to this area, shadow edge could be softer. Also add some cast shadows from breasts to stomach and head to chest to increase 3D read. Try a version with a stronger silhouette around the shoulders and the outsides of the arms.
Maybe also some more saturated local color on the face? Show silhouette of mutated nipple of her right breast. Belly button?

Got to jump on plane, more later. Remind your classmates, I can still do attendance and grading via this blog. Looks like 8 of you so far get a better than failing grade for week 7. Nice work so far! For those of you have not posted your work, get it together!

scoro said...

Scary face.
Nice start.
Don't let the spikes on the chest and any additional deign elements you add get too fuzzy. The sharp edges on the shoulder area are working well, try for that look on the chest spikes. Might have to make a brush with a sharper edge to do your paint over with. Change the color of tjhe rim light to make it different than the color of the primary light source. Start to work in a nice cast shadow from his head to his neck, same goes for nose to upper lip area.