Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Morning

I wasn't able to post my stuff last week because I got my invite this week, so here is my stuff from last week

Then my stuff for this week. I jumped ahead a little and tried adding some texture but I'm sure Scott will show us how to do it much better. I can't wait to learn to do those cool shiny surfaces really good. Any suggestions would be great! thanks guys,


Dilanka S said...

For the mask, you might want to enlarge the back. I am not sure if the mask goes on a human or not. The head proportion for the mask is not defined, so I am guessing it doesnt work for a human.

"nit picking"

You might want to indicate with symbols or designs who owns that helmet? Who is it for? And what is it used for? Are their switches to turn on the air vents ? How is the helmet fasend on the head.

Paul Hamblin said...

Thanks Dilanka! I appreciate your comments. I think your idea for symbols to show who owns it is a really good idea.