Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jesse Maccabe


scoro said...

Green hair guy.
Looks pretty good.
Only a few thoughts on this one so far. Volume of the face works well due to nice value change. The rest of the body looks a bit flat by comparison. Try to get more value change in the rest of the body to get these looking a little closer. Try showing us the underside of his hair as it wraps around the backside of his head. He see the underside of his chin so maybe we could se the underside of his hair form as well? A shadow of his melon head on his neck and chest would help his head sit on top of his body. Also drop his the top of his thioghs into shadow from his shorts. Can't really tell what he is holding? I want to believe it is a stick versus something else, could use a little definition here. Should eyebrows be same color as hair? His left hand could use some more definition of his third finger. Guess I hand a few more comments than I first thought I did. Nice start, keep refining it.

Jesse Maccabe said...

Thanks and will do.