Saturday, October 25, 2008

roy santua

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scoro said...

Red car.
Not a bad first cut.
A few things to fix. The groundplane does not support the perspective of your car. Right now the lines on the grid line up to the left VP but not to the right VP as defined by your car's perspective. Choices, either distrot the grid to line up with the grid of the car of delte it and put in a ground that doesn't have a strong grid pattern to it. I would go for option two. See the ground Gray put under his bot. It is much more forgiving if incorrect. Increase contrast of front wheel and tire. The cast shadow on the carsdie doesn't jive with the cast shdow on the ground. You need to go with one or the other, not both. Cast shadow from the mirror? Cast shadow inside the front air intakes? Rear intakes? Warp the texture added to the roof so it supports the form not flattening it. Some odd highlights, especially on lower part of front wheel-well on the shadow side??? Take another stab at the lighting and be consistant with your cast shadows on the acr and ground to add realisinm the object and the scene. Double check your perspective at the back of the car and across the roof. Looks like convergence is a bit too fast at the back making the car twist?