Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stanley Chan


Zachary said...

I think the car is really gonna sell once those highlights go in.

scoro said...

The car.
The forms all work fine.
If you want it to feel larger scale and less toy-like, add more cutlines and some graphics such as driver name, sponsors etc. Suspension connection to the far side front wheel looks pretty suspect. You could add some intertior details like top of the steering wheel, maybe even a little windscreen. For a bisc toy car it is working just fine. It will come to life with the addition on reflections over the next few weeks.

scoro said...

Not a bad start.
Couple of areas to improve.
Groundplane texture fades a little too fast into the BG. Color of BG is the same as the creature, make this different to help us see your figure against the BG. Looks like you need to do a detail pass on the wrinkles and folds with more value to help with definition of these elements. He looks a little stiff. You are loosing the nearside horn against the left foot. Two choices to fix it, move the foot to a different postion or play with the value of the horn against the foot. Soften the edges of your cast shadow on the ground a little. The texture you added to the body it flattening it. You might have to zoom in and try to get a few places to wrap around the form.