Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The character is primarily metallic, with some black matte mesh material in places. In the establishing shot he has a little bit of chrome.

Polina Bit Off More Than She Could Chew

I need to do some more work on the horns (honestly I actually need help on these) the little mettle hald domes on the leather, add the dust to the legs as well incorporate the character into the bg more..

Design Process for Beast of Burden:

Will edit this post again as more progress occurs...

David Kau

Ramora Bay : Home of the Paperfish

Cuba, Dong Hun Lee

Mosquito Pistol

week 7 HW

Vel_Sensor Mine

rough sketch

Arron Ingold's VS4 HW - Week 07



perry maple w:o7

Angela Sung - Visc 4- Week 7


Shiny red..ship thing

Tae (John) Won

WIP. I didn't really know how to render the arm. I was going for a more non-reflective metal.

One day trip to the earth!~~~~zen

Gray Rogers Wk 7

It's a pit stop, but where's the pit??
Little Red Wagon Train

I'd like to get a better background, but this is the right "theme." This is a coaster train design.


Dana LI

Tim Anderson

The Strigiforme

ruby c

Multi Surfaced Laser rifle

Do we still need to print these if they are shown on the projector? After they are crit the print is useless because there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be changed. I would vote that we dont print until they are crit, let us correct and we will print all the HW at the end as the final. That's just me though.

Dilanka Samaratunga

Elad Tibi

Matt Conyers Viscom 4 Multi Surface Vehicle

Lizzie's Ship