Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sally Skittles & Her Series of Unfortunate Events.


Once upon a time, there was this little girl named Sally Skittles.

She LOVED Skittles. Like....LOVED them.

Aside for her eternal attachment to this candy, she unknowingly had this power to see through the cloaking technology of these aliens that have been wandering Earth for generations.

The aliens foresaw that she'll one day grow up to unravel their secrets and left a Skittles trail for her to follow...down into a basement.

She happily picked them up one by one, until the aliens unlatched their one of their transport vessels on top of her and completely crushed her.

This below is Sally Skittles before she got smashed. (There's a picture of her on the shelf too)



Lianna said...

i LOVE this concept. like LOVE it.

Lianna said...

aww man, i kinda loved it more before you put in the alien part though.. left more to the imagination. I still love it though. xD

Angie said...

me love it too XDDD